Thursday, May 21, 2009

More HubPages

Hubpages is a site where you can publish articles and imprint your own AdSense ads on them, check out some of these sites I made!!

How to Treat Acne With Green Tea

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moved Guide

I moved my How to Be Indie guide to Hubpages in order for it to receive more attention.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finding Great New Indie Music with TheSixtyOne

Thesixtyone is a wonderful website where indie artists can post their songs to be listened to and rated by thousands of fans online.

It's also a great way to discover new music, with nearly every genre represented!!

thesixtyone makes music culture more democratic: artists upload their work for review, but, rather than allow a stuffy suit in a boardroom to decide what's good, thousands of listeners do. The best music automagically bubbles up on our homepage where you can listen to the most popular songs for any genre. It's a quick way to find new music for your iPod powered by pure excitement as opposed to some contrived marketing budget.

How to find Flannels

Check out Indie Flannel, my blog completely devoted to flannel for tips on finding great new articles of flannel clothing! A true lumberjack wears flannel at every possible opportunity, and indie lumberjacks are no exception! So let's go flanneling!

we arrived at goodwill at about 5pm today and quickly run to inside. we were in desperate need of flannels. we ran straight to men's shirts to try on flannels as fast as possible. see, here is the problem, we live in bloomington and we travel all over the the united states but nowhere can we find flannels that look as good as the do in goodwill. we wear flannels almost everyday. we also try to eat everyday. the problem we have is that we can never find good flannels. well, our problems are solved because we are now in goodwill where the flannels flow freely. today we wear flannels, tomorrow we wear flannels, and sunday we are going to wear flannels. i like flannels. you should come to goodwill and flannels with me. its gonna be fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For a Few Musics More

That Beep - Architecture in Helsinki

I first heard this on MTV U, and I've been hooked ever since.

Elevator Love Letter - Stars

The Giving Tree introduced me to this gem. :)

For a Few Dollars More

Well... it has music.. :-D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to be Clint Eastwood

How to be Clint Eastwood
Being a true indie bad ass

Sup bros! So you've been a lumberjack for a couple months, right?! Well it's gettin' in to dem summer months now and the flannel needs to go. Sure you could wear a cut off flannel vest or some shit, but I'm not taking responsibility for advising that fashion disaster.

No, for these summer months I am advising you to be Clint Eastwood. After all, how much more independent can you get than the "Man with no name?" Plus, you can ride the coattails of Gran Torino for a bit! :-)

Ok, first things first you need to get the personality right. Be your own person, walk confidently and be composed at all time. Don't let reveal your emotions. Smile to give approval, not to get it!! MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Be reserved. lol k?!

K, that's good! Half way there LOL!

Now, time to dress 4 success!!!!!!!!

  1. Get a nice western hat.
  2. Get some cowboy boots! Urban Outfitters has some hip ones. ;)
The poncho really is the most important part in my opinion. Plus it's totally stoner chic.

Good luck and Godspeed!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

How to become a lumberjack.

lumberjacks in their natural habitat
I am frequently asked for advice on how to become a lumberjack. Truth be told, I am somewhat of an expert so I will share my knowledge with the world! Actually, I will go one better. Now only will you be a lumberjack after reading this post, you will be an indie lumberjack!!! Here I will define that for you:

indie lumberjack - noun - A badass man who gives jack shit about the environment and strives to make it worse. The indie lumberjack works for himself and listens to bands you have not heard of. Basically he is hipper than you will ever be.

"Look at that indie lumberjack in his flannel listening to of Montreal!"

Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, here is what you will need to do.

  1. Become large. I don't care if you are 5'5" and 110 lbs, if you want to be a lumberjack you need to be huge! Eat a lot, pump some iron. There will be pain, but a true lumberjack knows no pain. BE A BEAST.
  2. Wear flannel. Flannel is God's gift to man, the king of all fabrics. Flannel is to a lumberjack as Armani is to a metrosexual. Go to goodwill, buy some flannel (preferably red), and wear it with pride.
  3. Buy an axe. Don't be one of those posers who uses a chainsaw. Buy an axe for your deforestation.
  4. Listen to good music. This excludes rap, country, hip hop, Jack Johnson, you name it. Go to or and discover some new music. Try of Montreal, Foals, the Beach Boys, it doesn't matter as long as it's not shit.