Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to be Clint Eastwood

How to be Clint Eastwood
Being a true indie bad ass

Sup bros! So you've been a lumberjack for a couple months, right?! Well it's gettin' in to dem summer months now and the flannel needs to go. Sure you could wear a cut off flannel vest or some shit, but I'm not taking responsibility for advising that fashion disaster.

No, for these summer months I am advising you to be Clint Eastwood. After all, how much more independent can you get than the "Man with no name?" Plus, you can ride the coattails of Gran Torino for a bit! :-)

Ok, first things first you need to get the personality right. Be your own person, walk confidently and be composed at all time. Don't let reveal your emotions. Smile to give approval, not to get it!! MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Be reserved. lol k?!

K, that's good! Half way there LOL!

Now, time to dress 4 success!!!!!!!!

  1. Get a nice western hat.
  2. Get some cowboy boots! Urban Outfitters has some hip ones. ;)
The poncho really is the most important part in my opinion. Plus it's totally stoner chic.

Good luck and Godspeed!!!