Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to find Flannels

Check out Indie Flannel, my blog completely devoted to flannel for tips on finding great new articles of flannel clothing! A true lumberjack wears flannel at every possible opportunity, and indie lumberjacks are no exception! So let's go flanneling!

we arrived at goodwill at about 5pm today and quickly run to inside. we were in desperate need of flannels. we ran straight to men's shirts to try on flannels as fast as possible. see, here is the problem, we live in bloomington and we travel all over the the united states but nowhere can we find flannels that look as good as the do in goodwill. we wear flannels almost everyday. we also try to eat everyday. the problem we have is that we can never find good flannels. well, our problems are solved because we are now in goodwill where the flannels flow freely. today we wear flannels, tomorrow we wear flannels, and sunday we are going to wear flannels. i like flannels. you should come to goodwill and flannels with me. its gonna be fun.


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